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Get Started with Twitter.

You want to get started with Twitter? I’m going to trust you don’t need me to help you sign up. If you do, well, that’s just hard luck for you. First read this, then decide if you even need a … Continue reading

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Why Technology is About to Ruin Your Business

A lot of businesses failed in the Great Recession of 2009-2010, heck, even internationally known newspapers and magazines fell by the wayside. But not all of them failed because of the economic climate. Some of them failed because they didn’t … Continue reading

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Social Networking – Dos and Don’ts of Blogs, Comments, and Tweets.

There’s a delicate balance between good communication and spam. If what you’re putting out into the world has little actual value — and be honest with yourself about that — you’re going to turn people off. If you join in … Continue reading

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Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Your Business.

A friend of mine, Richard was commuting from Scotland to London last year, attending training seminars. He flew with EasyJet, an airline based in the UK. His experience was not good. And all his Facebook friends read about it as he used Twitter on his phone to … Continue reading

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