Team Emmett

I didn’t know Emmett Stallings, his wife Wendy, or their son, Quinn.

In fact, until an hour ago when a friend posted a link to the TeamEmmett Web site, I didn’t even know their names. Emmett, who was diagnosed with cancer in February 2010, and Wendy blogged about treatment, fears, their faith, and, early this morning, Wendy announced the Emmett had died.

In reading this heartbreaking account of the day-to-day fears, anxieties, humor, and small victories of Emmett and his family, I found myself feeling hopeful that if I’m ever in Emmett or Wendy’s position, I would have even half their courage.

A few days ago Wendy wrote:

I spend the day watching Emmett breathe as he sleeps, medicating him when needed, getting him drinks or helping him to the bathroom when he is awake.  And I wonder things like, did I need  to get that medicine refilled or what am I going to do with ten sleeves of gauze?  When we got home from the hospital, Emmett saw the cases of medical food he had ordered about two weeks ago, and he apologized because, he said, “it looks like we’re not going to need that.”  It breaks my heart that everything in our lives, is a deafening reminder of impending change.

So please, head to the TeamEmmett site, read the blog and make a donation to either the Stallings family, or the TeamEmmett charity. Or make a donation to any cancer charity. But do something if you can.

This post was not about business. It was about what you’re in the business of protecting. It was about why you go to work: family.

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