Social Networking – Dos and Don’ts of Blogs, Comments, and Tweets.

There’s a delicate balance between good communication and spam. If what you’re putting out into the world has little actual value — and be honest with yourself about that — you’re going to turn people off. If you join in conversations in the many forums you could join, there are some simple etiquette guidelines to follow.

DO proofread what you’re about to post before you submit it. Typos may be forgivable, but spelling and grammatical errors are a sign of carelessness.

DO be polite and give credit where it’s due.

DO keep on topic. Hijacking the conversation isn’t the best way to show you care about the forum’s subject.

DO learn abbreviations like LOL, IMHO, etc.

DO make the conversation about your new friend, about your shared experience, and your relationship will be defined by what you have in common. If you behave like the wolf in those Looney Tunes cartoons and your eyes turn into $ signs at the merest mention of what you do, your new friend may be uncomfortable recommending you to their social network.

DON’T put anything out there that might cause embarrassment to you, your family, your friends, or customers now or in the future. Sound like a big responsibility? Good, it should. Take it seriously.

DON’T get into arguments in an online forum. They can make you look petty and hostile, and are permanent.

DON’T comment if you have nothing useful to add to the conversation. Especially don’t comment if you’re just asking for business.

DON’T use profanity. Obviously.

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